The Ultimate Calligraphy Course

A step-by-step course to help you master calligraphy with clarity so that you can create the work you envision with ease, confidence and success.

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through images of beautiful calligraphy art on Instagram and buying all the nice cards for your loved ones, thinking “I wish I could create beautiful things with my own hands too!”… but don’t know how to get started?

Maybe you’ve already tried doing it on your own, watched a bunch of Youtube tutorials, but gave up halfway because it was too “tough”? Or your gut is screaming at you that something is just off in your work, but you can’t quite put your finger on it?

Or perhaps you’re already creating calligraphy work of your own or for your friends; you absolutely love how satisfying and creatively fulfilling it is but …

  • you’re seeing the same mistakes and have no idea how to correct them 

  • you can’t get past a limiting belief of “oh, but my handwriting is terrible!”

  • you’ve been practising for the longest time and see little to no improvements

  • you’re unsure of how to upgrade your skills to a whole new level

  • you don’t feel confident in your work and 

  • you don’t feel proud to share the work you produce

If you found yourself agreeing to the above, you’re not alone! I’ve been there before and I totally feel you. 

Learning calligraphy shouldn't be a painful and difficult process. 

I’m here to help. 

Back in mid-2015, I too discovered the art of calligraphy and I was absolutely hooked. I found myself drawing til 4 am in the morning, totally losing track of time, making mistakes (unknowingly then), creating piece after piece on random scraps of paper I could find, from meeting notes to cafe napkins to Starbucks takeaway cups. Anything could be a canvas!

I love calligraphy and letters and began to learn anything I could about it from online articles, YouTube videos and books. Looking back, I could see all the mistakes I made back then.

Nevertheless, I practised religiously for the love of it, made mistakes, unlearned my bad habits and relearned the right ones through trial and error. My work improved over the years, and more importantly, so did my creative confidence in design decision-making and art direction. 



I’ve since left my day job (fund accountant at a bank) to pursue my passion and craft full-time and am proud to say that I’ve have had the pleasure to work with amazing brands and businesses such as Google, Lamborghini and The Washington Post!

Today, I’m excited to impart everything I know to you.

This course is equivalent to pulling up a seat right next to me for 6 weekly workshop sessions!

I've shared my expertise with many students over the past years and had helped them learn and grow their calligraphy journey - from local Singaporeans to visiting tourists, calligraphy beginners to seasoned practitioners, casual hobbyists to business owners from other fields (e.g. florists, bakers, illustrators, graphic designers etc.), designers from brand agencies and MOE school art teachers.

And now, I am excited about helping you succeed in yours!

Accelerate your learning

If you're scrambling around the Internet trying to put a bunch of freebies together, thinking that this will provide a cohesive and seamless education for you, I wholeheartedly would like to say, "Don't do yourself a disservice!".

Truth is, you can easily google for answers with a snap of your fingers. But it's a noisy abundance of information. You can get various answers altogether and sometimes if you’re unlucky, contradicting ones. Now, you’re right back where you started and have wasted much of your valuable time.

This is why I recommend my course to you.

I have curated together a well-thought-out and cohesive education, and strategically crafted it to guide you step-by-step along the way in a systematic manner. 

I’ll teach you how to engage in purposeful observation: being able to tell what is right and wrong, so that you can train your eyes to study form and structure critically with clear understanding. This ensures that your practice is deliberate and intentional. It takes a lot of effort to make your script look effortless, and I’ll teach you the why before the how, so that each stroke you make is a deliberate act of decision, instead of “winging it”. Without purposeful observation, it possibly means practising a stroke 1,000 times incorrectly and reinforcing bad habits and we certainly don’t want that!

With this course, you will save time, gain valuable insights and be able to apply what you had learnt from pen to paper. You can't practice what you don't know either. Stop second-guessing and know exactly what and how to practice!

Who this course is for

This course is built with the aspiring calligrapher and artist in mind, as well as lettering artists and designers who are keen on exploring script lettering. 

This course is great for both beginners and practitioners alike who seek to utilize a new skill set for custom calligraphy and design projects - from simple hand-written greeting cards, envelope addressing and quotes to more advanced applications such as wedding invites, stationery design, script-based logo design and branding, calligraphy hand-engraving and more.

"Her course exceeded my expectations. I am a 4-year calligraphy practitioner from the Philippines but still, I learned a lot from her! 

Her class is loaded with topics. She is very detailed in terms of the explanations and demonstrations. I highly recommend Leah's classes if you want a strong foundation for Brush Calligraphy.”

Coy Barredo, Calligrapher & Workshop Instructor in the Philippines

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to The Ultimate Calligraphy Course!

    • Welcome video from Leah

    • Welcome Survey

    • Join our private Facebook group!

    • Best Practices

    • Course Curriculum

    • PDF Download: Resources List + Slant Guidelines

  • 2

    Fundamentals & Theory

    • Introduction and history to calligraphy, lettering, custom typography and typography, + Applications: What can I do with Calligraphy as a skill?

    • Supplies & Materials: Recommended progression for exploring your tools

    • Supplies & Materials: Paper

    • Quick exercise: Track your progress!

    • Theory and guidelines explanation, how to hold the brush pen and the principle skills of calligraphy

    • Muscle movement

    • Body posture, pen and paper placement (Left + Right-handed)

  • 3

    Copperplate Minuscules: Basic Strokes

    • PDF Download: Week 1 Worksheets

    • Basic strokes + demonstration of common mistakes, why they’re mistakes and how to rectify them | Part 1

    • Basic strokes + demonstration of common mistakes, why they’re mistakes and how to rectify them | Part 2

    • How to get square cut offs with both pointed pen and brush pen

    • Update video (re: questions posted in Facebook group) on square cut offs

    • Drills

  • 4

    Copperplate Minuscules: Lowercase a-z rundown in family groups

    • Why the need to practice in family groups?

    • a, d, t

    • c, e, o

    • l, h, k

    • j, g, y, z

    • i, u, v, w

    • n, m, x

    • b, p

    • f, q

    • r (half + full), s

    • Step-by-step letter connection: basic rules, why and how

    • Understanding oval widths

    • Breaking down the word "minimum" + Recommended practice words & common words for greeting cards and weddings

    • Letter proportions & ratios + when to use which ratio and why, connecting a-z + explanation of rule-breaking exceptions

    • Why do some letters have a different letter proportion than others?

    • PDF Download: 26^26 Letter Connection Reference (Optional Practice)

  • 5

    Copperplate Majuscules: Basic Strokes

    • PDF Download: Week 2 Worksheets + Uppercase Guidelines

    • Quick exercise: Track your progress!

    • Capital stem + stroke proportions, connective upstroke + hairline entrance stroke

    • Upright compound curve

    • Compound curve entrance stroke

    • Vertical ellipse and vertical reverse ellipse

    • Vertical reverse ellipse entrance stroke

    • Horizontal ellipse entrance stroke

    • Pointed exit stroke, tapered stroke

  • 6

    Copperplate Majuscules: Uppercase A-Z rundown in family groups

    • A, M, N

    • V, W

    • H, alt H, K

    • R, B, P

    • T, F

    • D, L, S, alt S

    • G, C, E

    • O, alt Q

    • Q, X, Y, U

    • I, J, Z

  • 7

    Combining Uppercase + Lowercase

    • Letter proportions and ratios, letter connection and oval widths

    • Taking inspiration from Spencerian Capitals

  • 8

    Flourishing Fundamentals & Theory: The why behind effortless looking flourishes

    • Growth Mindset

    • Quick exercise: Track your progress!

    • PDF Download: Week 3 & 4 Worksheets

    • Rule #1

    • Rule #2

    • Rule #3

    • Rule #4

    • Rule #5

    • Rule #6

    • Rule #7

    • Rule #8

    • Rule #9

    • Rule #10

    • How to create infinite possibilities of flourishes without any memorisation

    • Update (re: 2 questions on flourishing)

  • 9

    Lowercase Flourishing & Variations

    • Descenders

    • Ascenders

    • Cross strokes

    • Tittle

    • Ending and mid-word flourishes

    • Non-connective or filler flourishes

  • 10

    Uppercase Flourishing & Variations

    • Capital stem, connective upstroke, hairline entrance stroke variations (including reverse shades for A, M, N)

    • Compound curve entrance stroke (V, W, K, H, Z) + alternatives (including A, M, N, I, J)

    • Vertical reverse ellipses + entrance strokes (T, F), (Q, X, Y, U), (R, B, P)

    • Vertical ellipses (D, O, Q)

    • Horizontal ellipses + entrance strokes (L, S, G, C, E)

    • Pointed exit stroke (X, H, M)

    • Exercise: Your turn to create!

    • Update (re: feedback posted in Facebook group) on flourishing

  • 11


    • PDF Download: Week 4 Worksheets

    • What are ligatures and how to spot an opportunity for adding a ligature to your work

    • Double ascenders/descenders

    • Ascender/descender-i & i-ascender/descender

    • Ascender/descender-t & t-ascender/descender

    • Other opportunities to add a ligature

    • Triple ligatures

    • Ligatures across words: horizontal and vertical stacking

    • Ligature word practice

    • Ligatures + flourishing

  • 12

    Numerals & Symbols

    • 0 to 9 rundown + flourishing options on how to dress it up more

    • Alternative baseline; oldstyle vs lining numbers

    • Common symbols rundown + alternatives

  • 13

    Modern Calligraphy

    • PDF Download: Week 5 Worksheets

    • Quick exercise: Track your progress!

    • Difference between traditional vs modern script + what rules can be broken?

    • Letter variations for a modern script

    • Step-by-step breakdown and rundown of how to achieve a modern script

    • Train your eye: spot the mistakes!

  • 14

    Developing your own unique style that you'll love

    • Dissecting various modern calligraphy styles to understand individual characteristics + demonstration of various styles catered to various occasion(s)/vibe and feel

    • Developing your own unique style(s) - yes, you can create more than one! + faux calligraphy

    • Exercise: Show us your style!

  • 15

    Composition & Layout: How to achieve elegant and effective calligraphy with a composition that is clean, intentional and easy on the eyes

    • PDF Download: Week 6 Worksheets

    • 1 word, 3 ways Scenario 1: Separate ascenders and descenders

    • 1 word, 3 ways Scenario 2: Neighbouring ascenders/descenders/cross-strokes in close proximity

    • 1 word, 3 ways Scenario 3: No ascenders and descenders

    • 2 words, 4 ways: Exploring horizontal and vertical stacking

    • Quote Layout: Calligraphic design approach - process explanation on how creative decisions are made while planning, drafting, iterating, refining and finalising

    • Exploring shapes and alternate paths

    • Exercise: Your turn to create!

  • 16

    Analogue to Digital

    • Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator demonstration walkthrough + Image Trace & Pen Tool Vectorisation Methods

    • iPad Procreate demonstration walkthrough

  • 17


    • You did it!

    • Final Assessment Survey

    • To keep you going!

Calligraphy Course 425 SGD (~ 310 USD)

  • 15 modules of calligraphy education: 18 hours of education, dripped weekly over 6 weeks
  • Taught in English with accompanying captions in English
  • Pre-course PDF resource list + guide sheets
  • 160+ pages of structured printable exercise and practice sheets to help guide you through the course
  • Gain exclusive access to a private Facebook community to discuss coursework, and share your progress with like-minded peers
  • Unlimited access for the lifetime of the course, for as long as I continue to teach this!
  • Get all future upgrades and bonus lessons for free! (Pssst! Course fee will increase when I add these future lessons for sure, so get them for free when you sign up now!)

Calligraphy Course + One-on-one Coaching 750 SGD (~ 548 USD)

Everything above + get direct one-on-one feedback and critique on your work once a week for 6 weeks*!

This is for you if you prefer to have my eyes on your work to guide you along the full course each week. The 6 rounds of coaching have to be utilised within the 6 weeks, so if you're looking for accountability and consistency, I'd recommend this for you.

You'll receive:

  • Feedback and in-depth critique of your submitted work (photographed and sent over by email from you to me)

*Note: I understand that everyone can get a little busy sometimes (life happens!) so though weekly feedback is ideal, I totally understand if you'd like to postpone a week or two. You're entitled to 6 feedback rounds with me, so all's cool! Just make sure that they're within the 6 weeks course timeline. That way, I can plan my time accordingly and ensure I provide undivided attention to each of you!

Let's get started!

"After months of trying to self-learn from PDFs and YouTube vids, I finally understood the basics of brush lettering and started to improve with only ONE class with Leah.

Leah is patient, approachable and cheerful. She breaks the fundamentals down into FUN and clear exercises. She's got great notes too! As a teacher myself, I feel that the BEST thing about her is that she is honest and generous with her information and instruction. Others may withhold tips and ideas either to entice you to take more classes with them, or they may do so to suppress competition. But Leah has the heart of a true educator. I highly recommend her."

Leach, Watercolour Artist, Illustrator & Educator in Singapore

Master a new skill in 6 weeks

With a total of 15 modules covering everything from the basics to advanced topics and weekly downloadable structured practice sheets (printable and traceable), this course will take you from clueless to confident!

Create breathtaking designs with ease and clarity

Beyond the basics, we'll also learn how to create effective compositions using flourishes and ligatures.

Flourishing exemplars at your fingertips for reference and practice

Feeling stuck with flourishing? I'll show exactly how to improvise and create flourishes without memorization in this course, teaching you the skills aka how to fish and not spoonfeeding you with "answers". But just in case you're looking for some inspiration and practice, I am currently adding a course update, where I will provide numerous variations of each majuscule from A - Z for your easy reference and practice with PDF worksheet exercises. Here's an example of the exercises: just page 1 out of 3 for capital A (and probably more pages of A in future, it's a growing reference library from me to you!) Sign up today and you'll get free access to all future course updates just like this one.

Modern calligraphy styles demystified

After learning the rules, it's time to break em'! We'll cover an array of styles - dissecting each one so you understand how they’re made and how you can recreate them too if you’d like. But more importantly, I’m not here to teach you my own style. Instead, I'll show you how you can create your own distinct style that you'll love, unique to you and you only!

Don't limit yourself to pen and paper; let's go digital!

Learn how to digitise your script. This is where you can put your artwork on any product medium you can think of and explore selling em'!

Watch me create this composition from scratch

Under the "Composition & Layout" module, I'll show you how I create multiple compositions from the same word/words/phrase on the spot, with no pre-planning ie. from scratch to final. I'll walk you through my thought process: what I'm seeing, what works and doesn't work and how I problem-solve the mistakes along the way.

What's next after the course?

Get free access to all future bonus lessons and upgrades to the course. As the current course is heavily skill-based, bonus lessons will be application-based aka what can I do with this new found skill? These will include: pointed pen calligraphy, watercolour calligraphy, hand-engraving on glass and more!

"I didn’t expect to be able to produce something satisfying in calligraphy and flourishing in such a short time by learning from Leah!

I love the way Leah approaches teaching from the first week by showing us what should and shouldn’t be done, while also challenging us to think in our own way and to be able to create our own style of modern calligraphy. She also shares her real process and decisions in creating that I found really helpful.

Even though this is an online course, I feel like I’m with Leah in person all along the course. She’s a fun person and I chuckled a bit here and there during the course. Moreover, if we need more feedback/help, it is very helpful that we can reach out to her in her Facebook community with excellent response time (she’s so generous!)" 

Aftri Marriska, Lettering Artist based in Indonesia

Course highlights

In this course, we dig deep to the nitty gritty and shed light on the little details that often go unnoticed by others but as a matter of fact, are equally or more important as these little details could easily make or break your work.

  • Have a solid theoretical understanding on all the whys and the hows
  • Have me demonstrate each point the wrong *and* right way with detailed explanations so that you can fully understand the common mistakes, why they’re mistakes and how to rectify them
  • Learn to engage in deliberate practice and purposeful observation
  • Never second-guessing yourself on how each letter is constructed and how to connect one letter to another regardless of the scenario ever again
  • Gain a deep understanding on how flourishing works and how you can come up with infinite permutations of flourishes possible without any memorisation
  • Learn the rationale and thinking behind my creative decision-making + how to create an effective composition that is clean, intentional and easy on the eyes
  • With an online set-up, there’s no need to stand around, crowding over my shoulder. You’ll get full close-up view of all demonstrations from where you’re comfortably seated at home!
  • Moving forward, you'll be able to spot and troubleshoot your own mistakes and successfully and confidently create work that you’re proud of after the course ends

Want a free preview?

Here's one out of 98 detailed video lessons, free to watch at no cost!


Enrollment Questions

  • When does the course start and end?

    The course starts when you sign up and has a proposed schedule of 6 weeks. But you can definitely work at your own pace. After 6 weeks, all lessons are still accessible to you!

  • What is a learning experience like with you?

    A learning experience in my course is highly skill-based and lifelong. Other than the comprehensive and detailed course content, you’ll gain access to a private Facebook group and the learning never stops. Even after the lessons are over, feel free to ask me questions in the group anytime, I'll be readily available to help. And everyone in the group can learn together!

  • I'm very much interested in your course but it's a huge investment! What would you recommend I do?

    You're right! It's definitely not a small sum. Please don't buy it if it's not financially feasible! I wouldn't want this for anyone, ever! This course is for action-takers who are looking to accelerate their growth and save time in the process, kinda like learning from my past 5 years of experience with the craft to get to where I'm today, but in 6 weeks. I also have an affiliate program ie. whenever someone signs up for my course with your unique link, you'll get a kickback! Which means you'll get to learn from me AND you can earn your money back! But I totally understand that courses are quite an investment price-wise. So if this doesn't make sense for you right now, stay tuned for free content moving forward via my newsletter and YouTube channel. I'm also looking at doing course scholarships in future so stay tuned for that too by staying connected with me on my socials.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    You’ll get unlimited access for the lifetime of the course, for as long as I continue to run The Ultimate Calligraphy Course, and you'll also get all upgrades and/or bonus lessons that I add in future for free!

  • Do you provide refunds?

    Unfortunately, as the course is digital and resources and worksheets are downloadable once you enrol, I'm afraid I am unable to provide refunds for this course. That said, I'd never want you to waste your time or money on a course that's not going to truly benefit you, so if you're sitting on the fence or unsure if it'll meet your learning needs, feel free to check out the course reviews or shoot me an email: or message me on Instagram or Facebook with your questions!

  • What if I have more questions?

    If you've more questions, ask away! I'm happy to answer and assist in any way I can, so don't hesitate to reach out at

  • Do you have an affiliate program?

    Yes! If you're keen, email me at


Calligraphy & Course Questions

  • Do I need to have prior experience to take this course?

    The course is made for absolute beginners with no prior knowledge at all as I’ll be covering everything from the ground up. Even though this course is beginner friendly, it doesn’t stop as just a basics class. The lessons are progressive ie. we’ll be acquiring more theoretical knowledge over the weeks and tackling increasingly advanced topics. Lessons are bite-sized and systematic, so as it gets harder, you’re in safe hands as I’ll guide you step by step along the way so that the learning curve for you is gradual (but never plateauing). Intermediate practitioners are welcomed to take this course as well; I’ve had calligraphy workshop teachers learn from my classes and they picked up a lot of new and valuable info too!

  • What materials do I need for this course?

    As an artist myself, there's no such thing as "enough supplies" cause I want to try everything and anything new that's launching! But, primarily, we'll be using the Pentel Touch (fine tip) brush pen for this course and I'll also provide a PDF resource checklist (with clickable product links) that showcases a list of all the supplies you can possibly get (from brush pens, calligraphy inks, paper, other handy tools of various brands), along with its individual info as the answer to "what is the best tool?" really depends on the type of project you're working on (don't worry, I'll explain this in class!) Essentially, one fine tip brush pen (e.g. Pentel Touch/ Tombow Fude/ Zig Mangaka Flexible), writing pad + access to a printer to print out all the worksheets - and you're good to go. Anything extra is up to the individual!

  • Do we get to re-watch the lessons in future? I've such a busy schedule and am afraid I'll not be able to keep up on watching the lessons within the 6-week course period.

    The lessons will be dripped weekly over 6 weeks. Afterwards, you’ll get *full access* to video lessons and worksheets FOREVER so you can rewatch and print out the worksheets as many times as you’d like in future. Once you’re enrolled, you’re IN forever. This means: during week 1, video lessons will be made available for you to watch and PDF worksheets for you to download. Every week, more lessons and worksheets will be added as we cover more topics from basic to advanced (don't worry, we start from the ground up, I'll be guiding you step by step along the way!) At week 3 for example, new lessons are added and you can still watch week 1 & 2's lessons. After completing all 6 weeks, you're still able to watch ALL the lessons whenever you'd like! Plus, any future upgrades, extra worksheet materials and bonus lessons that I make will be provided to you for free, at no extra cost! If you'd like a refresher 1 year later, login back anytime to rewatch the course + any follow-up update videos I add based on questions asked by course students. While the course is 6 weeks long and students have seen success in the course after just 1 week of lessons, there's absolutely no rush to complete the course ASAP. I repeat - no rush! Creative endeavours should be seen as a marathon, not a sprint. So I encourage you to go at your own pace, even if that means an hour a week. The speed for completing the course is irrelevant, what's more important here is CONSISTENCY! This helps in building momentum in our learning journey.

  • I'm not sure if I should join the course only or with coaching!

    If you’re someone who’s a self-motivated learner, the full course would suffice. After teaching for many years, I’ve seen and provided solutions for various common problems my students face. So in all the video lessons, common mistakes are always addressed with accompanying solutions so you’d know how to spot and rectify mistakes in your work. If you’re unsure of anything, feel free to ask in the Facebook group and I’d be readily available to help! If you’re someone who needs more hand-holding, especially if you’d like eyes on your work and practice, I’d recommend the one-to-one coaching tier! Each week, you can send me pictures of your practice pieces, and I’ll send you in-depth feedback so you know what to improve and work on. You’ll get 6 rounds of coaching in 6 weeks. The 6 rounds of coaching have to be utilised within the 6 weeks, so if you're looking for accountability and consistency, I'd recommend this for you. If you're still unsure, try out the course first without coaching and if you feel like you'd like coaching sessions halfway through, enroll in my one-on-one coaching option anytime as an add-on! The 6 weeks timeline to utilise all 6 coaching rounds will only kickstart whenever the add-on is purchased.

  • What if I want to learn Pointed Pen Calligraphy and not Brush Calligraphy/ Brush Lettering?

    This is a very valid question but to me, as calligraphy itself is a skill, whether you're using a dip pen or brush pen - it’s just a matter of the tools used. You can achieve formal script (e.g. copperplate) and freestyle writing (e.g. modern calligraphy) with either of the two mediums/ tools - dip pen or brush pen, though the former is more commonly associated with formal script and the latter with freestyle writing. I’ve no objections to learning dip pen calligraphy before brush calligraphy, as that was how I started as well. Given my experience, it’ll be a lot easier to make a transition from brush calligraphy to pointed pen calligraphy as the latter requires juggling 2 things at a time - learning the tools AND the writing itself. You’ll experience a steeper learning curve that way. That said, in this course, you’ll be learning BOTH formal script and freestyle and all notes given in class can be used with BOTH dip pen and brush pen. Pre-course resources include information on pointed pen calligraphy inks and types too. In the video lessons, though I'll be demonstrating using the brush pen - whenever there's a difference in *execution* between a brush pen vs dip pen, I'll point them out in that individual lesson/ scenario so that you know what the specific differences are e.g. I'll show you how to get square cut offs with both pointed pen and brush pen (yes it's not impossible!). After mastering the brush pen, you can absolutely venture into pointed pen and implement all the lessons learnt with the current course curriculum.

  • What if I have bad handwriting?

    Nice handwriting is a nice plus to have, but not a requirement at all. If you’re someone who is worried that bad handwriting = possibly bad calligraphy, this is a huge misconception! For me, I’ve terrible handwriting and can “switch” via muscle memory to execute a beautiful script regardless. Calligraphy is very systematic, and I break it all down to straightforward, easy to digest concepts for easy implementation. With clarity and practice, you'll get it in no time.

  • What if I am left-handed?

    Have no worries, there's some pointers that apply to left-handers only and that would be covered in class! I have taught several left-handed students before who have found success in rectifying past concerns after gaining clarity from the lessons, so you'll be in good hands!

  • How much time do I need to dedicate to be successful at Calligraphy? What if I'm lazy or unmotivated?

    I've always believed in working smart over working hard. By learning the why behind the how, and how to engage in purposeful observation, you'll be able to tell what is right from wrong, so that you can train your eyes to study form and structure critically with clear understanding. So that when you actually start practising, it is deliberate and intentional, even if it's in a limited timeframe. There's no point in practising one letter 1,000 times incorrectly; it just reinforces bad habits and you end up wasting your invaluable time! Now that we understand that – from here, the amount of time you wish to spend on deliberate practice is honestly... as much time as you want! You can practise anytime on the weekends or weekdays before or after work/school whenever you're free, even if its just 10 mins.

  • What kind of style do you teach for modern calligraphy?

    For me, I don’t believe in teaching ‘one style of modern calligraphy’, there’s no fun in that if everyone’s doing the same style! My approach to teaching modern calligraphy starts with copperplate - reason being: you can’t break the rules if you don’t know the rules. So, only after learning traditional script (copperplate in this case, I’m not teaching Spencerian here tho Spencerian capitals will be referenced and flourishing variations may be included), then we’ll venture into modern calligraphy as we are now more well-informed. Style wise - Lessons will include studying individual features that make each style unique. You can think of this as: why are there so many fonts out there already but there are always more fonts being released? This is because of individual characteristics that make em distinct from each other. So for modern calligraphy, we don’t do ‘one style’. We do many so you’d understand how they’re constructed. Then the fun part: your turn to make your own unique style!

Let's get started!

free slant guidelines pdf

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