"I didn’t expect to be able to produce something satisfying in calligraphy and flourishing in such a short time by learning from Leah!

I love the way Leah approaches teaching from the first week by showing us what should and shouldn’t be done, while also challenging us to think in our own way and to be able to create our own style of modern calligraphy. She also shares her real process and decisions in creating that I found really helpful.

Even though this is an online course, I feel like I’m with Leah in person all along the course. She’s a fun person and I chuckled a bit here and there during the course. Moreover, if we need more feedback/help, it is very helpful that we can reach out to her in her Facebook community with excellent response time (she’s so generous!)" 

Aftri Marriska, Lettering Artist based in Indonesia

"After months of trying to self-learn from PDFs and YouTube vids, I finally understood the basics of brush lettering and started to improve with only ONE class with Leah.

Leah is patient, approachable and cheerful. She breaks the fundamentals down into FUN and clear exercises. She's got great notes too! 

As a teacher myself, I feel that the BEST thing about her is that she is honest and generous with her information and instruction. Others may withhold tips and ideas either to entice you to take more classes with them, or they may do so to suppress competition. But Leah has the heart of a true educator. I highly recommend her."

Leach, Watercolour Artist, Illustrator & Educator in Singapore

"Her course exceeded my expectations. I am a 4-year calligraphy practitioner from the Philippines but still, I learned a lot from her! 

Her class is loaded with topics. She is very detailed in terms of the explanations and demo. She was able to control the flow of the course, such that all topics were covered and we finished class on time. She is also keen on seeing our strong and weak points. With that, as a participant, I knew where I'm good at and which to work on more. I highly recommend Leah's classes if you want a strong foundation for Brush Calligraphy.”

Coy Barredo, Calligrapher & Workshop Instructor in the Philippines

"While being both systematic and organised, she also encourages us to play, explore and try out alternative lettering methods so we can find a style that we're comfortable with. 

I had a lot of fun learning brush lettering with Leah. Great class, would definitely recommend her lessons!"

Stephanie Hew Nakatani, Australian Illustrator based in Singapore

By the final week, Emily Tanabe wanted to create a piece that celebrates her family's day, hence "Happy Tanabe Day". Here's the progress made from start to finish of this project piece. She did so amazingly!

Here's a progress before and after of one of my coaching students, Veron. Veron has prior calligraphy knowledge after taking many calligraphy lessons/courses so her "before" work is already looking pretty amazing! Check out the "after" version where her letters are more consistent and intentional. Little details matter so much and go a long way. And I think she tackled em' immensely well!

"Leah is undoubtedly knowledgeable and skilful in calligraphy, yet she is modest and unassuming. 

Leah’s classes were well planned and easy to follow. And she is always generous and genuine in giving feedback to her students’ work. As a beginner in calligraphy, I learned so much from Leah, and I’m really glad that I had signed up for the calligraphy course! Highly recommended to anyone who is interested in calligraphy 🤩”

– Tay Yee Juin

"Leah has been instrumental in my learning of calligraphy. 

Taking her course was intensive and fulfilling. The classes are packed with gems of info, but what differs Leah from other teachers is not only her soft approach but her showing the common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Her experience in calligraphy translates in her delivery and there is no question she can’t answer without a probable solution. Her classes also touch on the aspect of digitising your work, a critical part of preserving your work and resources.

The class advances every week and pushes you to take on more within a short period but Leah is always there to guide, support and even cheer you on.

You’re awesome, Leah!”

– Nadiah Salam

"Here’s my thumbs up for your classes 👍👍👍

I wanted to improve my handwriting and boy was I deluded into thinking that learning calligraphy would achieve that! However, the results exceed my expectations. I began to pay attention to signages, brochures and advertisements. I was inspired to practice and practice and revive my love for handwritten cards, notes and journal. I also find the efforts meditative.

The lessons by Leah were extremely instructive and fun. Leah has an enormous passion for calligraphy. She is generous with her guidance and techniques. While it looks effortless, to me calligraphy is an art form that requires skill, effort, time and an eye for details - there must be integrity, harmony, symmetry, rhythm and balance of the negative/ positive spaces.

Leah is patient, cheerfully encouraging and remains accessible to provide feedback any piece of work. I do highly recommend her classes to all.”

– Cathryn Chang

"The course title – “The Ultimate Calligraphy Course” – speaks for itself. 

It is a super comprehensive course that covers everything from the basics of writing each letter to flourishing a word to digitisation of a project. Leah gives really detailed explanations and is also really patient in her coaching, making sure that understanding and doing go hand-in-hand with each other. 

Overall, it was a fulfilling course with an experienced and personable instructor (i.e. Leah,) which despite my terrible lack in the artistic department, made me feel like maybe, just maybe, I could do it too.”

– Kellie Lim

"From learning lowercase to uppercase to flourishing and ligatures, the course was SO GOOD.

I highly recommend it. Leah will give feedback on the pieces you’ve done and you feel personally coached. I could see improvements very quickly. Super proud of myself and how far I’ve come!”

– Joyce Lim

"The boring and nitty-gritty rules and stuff that I loathed and avoided was made plain and simple. 

I’m so glad I made the decision to sign up for this class. I’ve been reading online and trying to figure out calligraphy on my own, the result? Calligraphy that looks ok (by amateur standards) but not quite there. 

And for the longest time, I couldn’t improve and I didn’t know what I was doing wrong. This course really went into the basics of traditional calligraphy which I think was really crucial. The boring and nitty-gritty rules and stuff that I loathed and avoided was made plain and simple. And, it really helped me to improve my skill. Learning the basics also allows me to identify my mistakes when I practice drills. 

Leah was there to watch and point out the mistakes that I made which I think adds to my dramatic improvement! I can’t believe how much better I got after just 1 workshop with her. She takes the effort to know what ways we would like to apply the skill we learnt and spent a bit more time on digitalising which was what I was interested in. 

Leah is a very sincere and encouraging teacher, I highly recommend signing up for her class if you haven’t (if you can’t already tell by the 5 stars). I am patiently waiting for more courses by her!”

– Charity Wong

"To excel at a subject, it’s important to have first understood it well.

I really love Leah’s way of teaching where she will always provide a comprehensive overview before zooming into the details. The classroom outline is systematic and organized. And Leah makes the technicalities and concepts easy to understand. Definitely, she’s the go-to person for learning brush lettering and the like!”

– Kianne Lim

"Leah's classes are very informative, taking us through not only the processes but also the history and evolution of lettering.

Best of all, Leah takes the time to continue coaching even after the class is over - definitely a fantastic instructor and one who really cares about how each of her student's progress!”

– Karen Liew

"Leah's passion for what she does rubs off on you that you can't wait to go back and practise. 

Leah's explanation was clear and easy to understand. She's very patient too. She's also an easy-going person which made learning a pleasure.”

Chua Hui Ying, Award-winning Children's Book Author in Singapore

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